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    I have delivered some leaflets today and also read the Grimsby Telegraph. I've delivered leaflets before over a large area. It does not matter which area I deliver to; all the front gates squeak and most have excessive wear and don't close properly. This evening I sat in my arm chair and looked in the Grimsby Telegraph at all the nice homes for sale; I'll bet who ever purchases these homes will not think to put a little blob of grease on each hinge of the front gate! I once delivered a leaflet to a beautiful big posh home near New Waltham, with big artistic heavy black metal gates. When I opened one of the gates, it juddered, grated and squeaked. I member thinking these gates will not close properly after a few months; due to wear and sagging causing misalignment. I think these little things are important, I have greased the wheels on my shopping trolleys, I have two.

    By MalcolmBush at 00:42 on 17/03/12

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