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    Great to see more pictures of Cleethorpes in times gone by.You can tell what the attraction was then Wonderland having taken centre stage.
    Bring the rides in Wonderland and use the car park for a outdoor market because not everyone can afford Pleasure Island prices and to be honest even that is outdated.
    The big wheel and the slide on the beach as never changed in years.
    East gate market in Skegness is always busy with locals and trippers alike because they have got the right idea with something for all ages.

    By Annie Chapel Community Centre at 13:14 on 27/01/13

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    Love Looking at the old pictures its a pity that end of cleethorpes looks so bad now,bring back wonderland to its former glory.Get rid of the outdated arcades.
    Also what happened to the arcade and shops on the fitties its a nice place but nothing to do.
    Years ago there was the Foreshore Inn,Seymores Club(family entertainment),gift shop,hardware shop(rent out four seater bikes) Those were good times.

    By Annie Chapel Community Centre at 23:43 on 27/11/12

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    I like to look at all the pictures and look though the old ones. You then get to see how Cleethorpes has changed bit by bit over the years; sometimes it brings back memories.

    By MalcolmBush at 02:25 on 09/01/12

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