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    Fantastic Pictures just like real thing

    CakeMaker1 commented on the Pictures "Cafe Rene Weekend Photos By..." at 00:08 on 12/08/12

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    By CakeMaker1 at 00:06 on 12/08/12, 1 comments

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    Like Us

    Hi Folks David and Diane have a  Page on Facebook you can also keep up with our Progress on Charity Fundraisers news and up coming Events. Like...

    By CakeMaker1 at 14:55 on 08/08/12, 0 comments

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    Another Good Day

    Hi Folks we had another good day raising money for The R.N.L.I. 29th july one day only £78 taking our total to £738.26 which is fantastic...

    By CakeMaker1 at 15:49 on 07/08/12, 0 comments

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    Hello from David & Diane, we would like to know, what has happened to the Butterflies only seen one or two? not many bees or ladybirds must be...

    By CakeMaker1 at 20:23 on 03/08/12, 0 comments

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    Day After Carnival

    David & Diane Tovey will be Open on Sunday 29th July At 10am
    For Cakes, Scones, Small Buns, Cream Teas, All Proceeds will be Going to The...

    By CakeMaker1 at 23:40 on 21/07/12, 0 comments

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    Thats Fantastic ! its really great that this...

    CakeMaker1 commented on the Story "Cleethorpes RNLI get funds..." at 23:19 on 20/07/12

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    Summers Coming

    Hi Folks I heard a rumour that summer is on its way , very nice to as the kids break up from school. I think everyone has experienced the same thing ?...

    By CakeMaker1 at 00:08 on 20/07/12, 0 comments

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    Thankyou very much, you can also like us on...

    CakeMaker1 commented on the Story "Congratulations to David and..." at 00:46 on 07/07/12

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    Hello Everyone its a very nice day today as I am Celebrating my Birthday Sunday 1st July. But better still we will be Celebrating our 30th Wedding...

    By CakeMaker1 at 14:23 on 01/07/12, 0 comments

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    Eye Spy

    When you are out and about do try and look for the strangest things, after the kite Festival,Ross Castle, not sure of the other ? spotted in Cleethorpes Wednesday.

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    Get all of the latest Cleethorpes Events news and join the discussion on the Cleethorpes

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    Health, health groups, health charities

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    Cleethorpes In Bloom

    Community led but supported by NELC. Aim to raise profile of NELincs, in particular Cleethorpes therefore increase tourism and benefit the community.

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    What's On

    What's On

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    Local People

    Get the latest local people news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

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David & Diane Tovey

Why I like Cleethorpes

I love Cleethorpes for the beaches, its loverly people scenic views. we can also walk the dogs.we live at The Fitties and like it very much.

Why I don't like Cleethorpes

Cannot see why anyone should dislike Cleethorpes as it's a very nice place.The people are very nice and friendly.The bus service to and from the fitties could be more regular. Especially for the few that don't drive.


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